Engineering Design

As a logical expansion to our robust technical resources business, we place our own team of engineers on engineering design projects. What began as an occasional contract became more frequent once private firms and public agencies got word that our highly skilled engineers–with innovative solutions–were coming directly from Darnell Technical Services.

With over 20 years of engineering and design experience, we know what’s at stake for an engineering design project: successful project management and the right technical resources. We provide both. Plus all of the certifications, approvals and experience required to bring your project to completion.

In this season of large infrastructure upgrade projects, it’s especially important that you partner with a company with a successful history in the industry. You’ll get that with Darnell Technical Services.

Darnell Technical Services performs Production CADD Projects (On-site /Off-site), partnering on project services in Civil and Structural industries of Federal, State, County, and Local Municipalities.

All CADD projects feature the creation and establishment of CADD Standards and Plans based on client specifications for projects ranging from the planning stage, private residence, commercial facilities, grading, drainage, erosion control, permitting and structural bridges, MTA Subway Stations, street Improvements and storm drainage/water, and Public and Municipal Utilities within the Los Angeles and Orange county areas.


Why Choose Us?

A highly sought-after engineering design and technical resource firm, Darnell Technical Services was founded more than 20 years ago.

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