Our Community Involvement

Character. Integrity. Service. Fundamental core values that drive our company. And our team of dedicated engineering and technical resource specialists live these values outside of the office, too.

Dedicated to fulfilling our company’s commitment to bettering our community, team members take seriously the responsibility of finding solutions to workplace challenges plus those outside of work as well.

Acknowledged for their outreach in making a difference in their community, company founders Rodney and Pamanita Hopkins lead by example. Among the many organizations and philanthropic activities where you’ll find Darnell Technical Services’ team members is Southwest Community Center, where basic needs and services are provided to low income and homeless individuals and families, And their commitment to WISEPlace, a transitional shelter for homeless women, is evident in their financial investment and job placement activities for the residents.

Making a difference outside of the office is where the work-life balance happens. And at Darnell Technical Services these engineering and technical resource specialists are focused on giving back enabling them to enjoy that balance every day.

Our values inside the company is making a difference outside of the office. That is the reason why we always are looking forward to understanding and help the community, making the difference. In November of 2007, our community magazine Orange Coast make an article about “Thinking Small is the big business”.

Why Choose Us?

A highly sought-after engineering design and technical resource firm, Darnell Technical Services was founded more than 20 years ago.

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