As president and CEO of Darnell Technical Services, Pamanita Hopkins has more than 27 years in civil and structural CADD management for federal, state, county and local municipality projects. Her extensive professional track record has been instrumental in positioning her company as a leader in the engineering design and technical resources industries.

With her specialized expertise and financial experience, Pamanita has guided Darnell Technical Services toward clients and projects that have become long-term business partners. She directs projects in design and drafting services, pipeline integrity, MTA subway stations, street improvements, storm drainage, and water, public and municipal utilities, and provides the vision and direction for Darnell Technical Services, Inc.

As a resident of Orange County with her husband, Rodney, Pamanita is actively involved in business and community outreach projects in the Orange County area.

Pamanita Hopkins

Rodney Hopkins, co-founder and vice president, heads the business operations at Darnell Technical Services. With over 27 years in the technical resources and engineering design industries, Rodney specializes in connecting his company with architectural, engineering and construction projects throughout California.

Through his extensive networking and long-standing relationships in the industry, Rodney has led Darnell Technical Services through its recent expansion into engineering design. After years of providing the technical resource needs of its clients, Darnell’s own engineering teams are part of the solution.

Degrees in Public Environment Affairs and Policy Administration (SPEA) from Indiana University, Rodney serves as a representative on the Distinguished Alumni Council at his alma mater. He and his wife, Pamanita, reside in Orange County, where they are actively involved in their community supporting Darnell Technical Services’ core value of spiritually helping others.

Rodney Hopkins

Lorna Carter’s professional resume features over 20 years of human resources and management experience, enhancing her role as a technical resource specialist at Darnell Technical Services. With a background that also includes business administration, accounting and sales, Lorna is passionate about providing solutions to her clients’ technical resource needs.

Her management experience coupled with her connections in architectural, engineering and construction projects make Lorna uniquely qualified to place candidates into private firms, and federal, state and local government projects.

A native of Orange County, Lorna has strong ties in the area and she is deeply committed to fulfilling her professional motto, “Helping America get to work one person at a time.”

Lorna Carter

Specializing in business development activities for Darnell Technical Services, Pati Freund’s background features a strong resume of sales and marketing experience for area sports teams in Southern California.

With senior account executive and management positions with the Los Angeles Sparks, the Ducks of Anaheim, and the Galaxy, Pati’s more than 10 years of networking and professional connections has translated well to her clients in architectural, engineering and construction projects.

Pati graduated from California State University, Northridge, and is passionate about her philanthropic work. She has served as a board member for the Lorraine Anderson Foundation, among other activities. Pati lives in Anaheim Hills with her family.

Pati Freund

An association that began in 2009, Jim Bowman joined Darnell Technical Services to utilize his business leadership and management expertise. With 28 years of sales, risk management and marketing experience for such notable companies as US Steel, The Home Depot, Lowes and Alcoa, Jim’s focus is on business development and talent identification for Darnell.

With an extensive sales and management background, coupled with his connections and presence in the business community, Jim provides key leadership when partnering with architectural, engineering and construction clients.

Jim has an advanced degree in business administration from Argosy University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from South Carolina State University. Prior to his career in the private sector, he served in the military as an air defense missile unit commander. Jim lives with his family in Anaheim Hills.

Jim Bowman

A key member of Darnell Technical Services’ engineering team, Naveed Hasan brings more than eight years of experience to pipeline design, finite element analysis, and computer-aided drafting and pressure vessel and storage tank design.

With an advanced degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Long Beach, Naveed’s expertise landed him among other major projects in the position of assisting on the Pipeline Design and Gas Standards department at the Southern California Gas Company.

As a dynamic engineering design professional, Naveed delivers innovative solutions to design problems and on deadline. He lives in Los Angeles with his family.

Naveed Hasan

As an on-site coordinator for Darnell Technical Services clients in the architectural, engineering and construction industries, Michel Rivera has a unique client perspective that enables him to closely identify the challenges and needs of the client. He is a key liaison and direct contact for large, established companies in the renewable energy, manufacturing, engineering and construction industries.

Michel’s position as a sourcer-recruiter for Darnell, coupled with his management experience enables him to turn a short-term placement into a long-term business relationship. In addition, with California’s increasingly diverse business climate, Michel’s fluency in both Spanish and French plus his certification as a foreign language interpreter benefit Darnell’s clients.

A graduate in business administration from California State University, San Bernardino, and a former administrator for the Orange County Courts System, Michel lives in San Diego County with his family.

Michel Rivera