A project has three basic elements

What Is a Project?

Most people believe they have a basic understanding of what a project is. After all, the term is commonly used in a wide array of situations, from building bridges to creating a new operative system or designing a piece of furniture. But, as it often happens, things become more complicated when we ask questions. For…

The history of concrete dates back to the beginnings of civilization

The Fascinating History of Concrete

From small, domestic jobs to massive projects, concrete is everywhere. In fact, it’s the most widely used construction material in the world, In strictly technical terms it consists of a hard, particulate substance bonded together by cement and water. The mix is simple: sand, gravel, water and Portland cement. But behind this simplicity lies a…

3 Common Questions About Engineering Design

The 4 Phases of a Project Life Cycle

The concept  of “project” is wide-ranging and includes everything from creating a marketing strategy for a small business to building a bridge. Although apparently these two projects could not be more different, the underlying framework is the same. In fact, project management provides a four-phase process to ensure that any kind of project is completed…